Apartment Complex

Today, institutional capital ignores this asset class because the operations don't scale.

Operational Challenges

Today this asset class requires on-site managerial oversight but cannot efficiently support the required salaries. Management and maintenance staff have no visibility into the broader business and wear every hat with no specialization. This causes the asset class to have severe “key man” risk, inefficient decision-making, and lack of accountability relative to larger multifamily properties.

No Recorded Data

The lack of transparency and reliable data is a huge investment barrier. Inconsistent and incomplete data make it difficult for investors to accurately assess risk and return, operations teams to make decisions, and automation of operational workflows. The complete lack of reporting standards make comparing assets nearly impossible.

Too Small

The average sub-institutional property is significantly smaller than the typical institutional asset and requires more granular underwriting and hands-on management. The increased complexity, combined with the lower overall deal size, make these investments less attractive to institutional players who look for larger, more streamlined transactions.


Our approach? We turn bricks into bytes.

01/ Asset Onboarding and Retrofitting

Our approach begins with a comprehensive data ingestion phase, where we gather and centralize all relevant information about the asset. We then implement strategic technology upgrades, laying the foundation for a data-driven, efficient operation. This initial step sets the stage for the transformative power of our approach.

02/ Ongoing Data Capture

With the asset fully integrated into our platform, we continuously capture data from every aspect of the operation. This real-time data collection enables us to monitor performance, identify trends, and make informed decisions. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, we ensure that no insight goes unnoticed, and every opportunity is seized.

03/ Internal Data Leverage

Armed with a wealth of data, we put it to work internally to drive operational efficiency. Our advanced analytics and purpose-built systems enable us to optimize labor allocation, automate decision-making approaches, and centralize key functions. The result is a streamlined, highly effective operation that maximizes NOI and unlocks hidden value.

04/ External API (roadmap)

We won't just leverage data internally; we will also share it externally through our powerful API. By providing transparent, real-time insights into the asset's performance and efficiency, we attract a wider pool of interested buyers. This increased demand translates into a competitive advantage and the potential for higher returns.

05/ Economies of Scale

Our data-driven approach enables us to scale efficiently, building regional portfolios that benefit from economies of scale. As we grow, our ability to drive operational improvements and attract buyers multiplies. This virtuous cycle of growth and optimization creates a compelling value proposition for investors.

06/ Value Increase

The culmination of our approach is a significant increase in asset value. By driving up NOI through operational efficiency and attracting a larger buyer pool through data transparency, we compress cap rates and maximize returns. Our approach not only unlocks the hidden potential of sub-institutional multifamily but also sets a new standard for value creation in the industry.

We partner with those who understand that data is the future of multifamily.

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